Icy Wonders is a free slot machine that makes you relax to your spine, so before gambling in What? of warm. The presented machine will give you interest? for many days because? contains two random jackpots that you can hit. S? it’s Mega Miracle and Miracle. When fall out randomly, you can catch them.

Icy Wonders – review

The machine is equipped with five barrels and thirty pay lines, play bonus, extra spins. If you will have enough skills to unlock described? gr? on the machines, rewards? for your whole life will be yours. The game will open the whole world of snowy wonderland. The set of symbols of the automaton consists of from arctic images such as blocks of ice, cold background and traditional elements of the machine enclosed in ice to preserve authentic Antarctic theme. Among the other characters you will meet whales, foxes, polar bears, walruses, huskies and more. The sounds of seagulls and waves cover that’s all, creating the impression of being in a real icy wilderness.

Icy Wonders – the game process

The free slot performs quite well in the style category, but what about the game? The slot machine is very rich in the possibility of winning. Players can places? place your coins on any of the thirty paylines available. Can freely inserts? up to 4 coins on each payline, whose denomination is 1-50 cents. Players can seeking? si? about option rotating barrels or using the automatic option in which the software performs centrifugation.

Four icons deserve in particular comments? in this free slot machine: jackpot, wildcard, dispersion and bonus. Wild is represented in dolphins and replaces everything in the barrels except the scatter, bonus and jackpot. Earning 5 dolphins in one line gives 7500 coins. Extra spins s? Awarded for hitting at least three scattered icons shown as Inuit. Three penguins are able to activate? rounds? bonuses ?. If the player succeeds get? images of three Inuit girls on any payline, will receive the feature free trading.