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Top Online Poker Software, Poker Tools and Calculators


You can forget about poker skills, with the Poker Tools, Software and Calculators listed below even a bad player can become a winning player in a matter of hours.


We list the most unknown, most secret, most thrilling and advanced free poker software and pot odds tools right here. Poker is not a game of skill or luck anymore, it has become a poker tools war. Arm yourself now to stay ahead of your opponents forever!  Read the full philosophy on the importance of playing with software poker tools if you do not agree with us or you still underestimate the importance and potential force of computer software and digital odds calculators.


Find below a rough overview of the best internet texas holdem software and calculators that you can have at your disposal. Click on the icons to read more info about each poker tool. This allows you to compare the software, before you make your definitive choice.

Poker Software,  Poker Tools and Calculators Table | Choose your favourites!

Shark Mate Poker Edge Smart Buddy
Calculatem Pro Holdem Hawk Holdem Indicator
Poker Office Poker Tracker
Poker Prophecy Sit & Go Shark


Watch some of the poker software tools listed above in this video. You will then see how powerful most of the calculators and software programs we promote really are!



To watch this movie in better quality click here

 In the video above you have seen the following Poker Tools in action:
Poker Edge                Calculatem Pro              Poker Prophecy
In the video above you have seen the following Poker Rooms in action:
Full Tilt Poker
            Titan Poker


To make your decision a little easier, we have rated each tool below in the categories Poker Stalking Tools, Poker Calculators, Poker Tracking Tools and Poker Tournament Software.


  Featured Poker Software Overall Abilities Revolutionary Features and  Overall Potential Overall Rating
Poker Stalking Tools
Poker Edge
Smart Buddy
Poker Calculators
Calculatem Pro
Holdem Hawk
Holdem Indicator
Magic Holdem
Poker Tracking Software
Poker Office 2
Poker Tracker
Tournament Software
Poker Prophecy
Sit and Go Shark
Tournament Indicator

All listed poker tools (Poker Edge, Magic Holdem Calculatem Pro, Holdem Hawk, Poker Office, Tournament Indicator and Sit and Go Shark are owned by the respective companies who have given us the sole right to promote and advertise them with truth and credibility.  


Why is it so important to Play with Poker Software and Calculators?


Present and future poker software (calculators, pot odds tools, general tracking tools and stalking tools) brings a whole new dimension into online poker. It’s like having the perfect player standing right beside you, giving you 100% winning advice. Because of the existence of poker software, new key components and assets have arrived in online texas holdem.

Play at PokerStars

Unless you play with the same guys all the time, in live poker you have limited knowledge about your opponents, about what’s going to happen and about what happened before. This is because you mostly don’t know the players you are up against, or you can’t remember much about them, you don’t know their playing styles, their betting patterns etc. Your brain has to learn things about your opponents. Meanwhile you have to calculate everything yourself. And you still have to be able to play your own game.

This also goes for the online world – that is, for 80% of the players who play online poker. They play online poker no differently from live poker (playing without software). And thus, they have the same knowledge limitations.

This is because the knowledge gathered by a human being is mostly not all that accurate. The human brain can only store a certain amount of knowledge. It cannot memorize EVERYTHING in complete detail. It also cannot calculate odds, outs etc. with 100% certainty and accuracy. Oh, and by the way, the accuracy and credibility of all gathered data becomes less trustworthy as emotions come into the process (in other words, sometimes tilt overshadows logical and analytical play).


This is why most online poker players, who play the game of internet texas holdem the same way as live texas holdem, play literally in the dark without poker tools and odds calculators. And this is why people who play in the dark are called ignorant fish, dumb ass rooks in plain American English. We’re sorry to be so rude, but truth must come in plain and simple words. 


Opposite to the fishes stand the online poker sharks. They are not sharks because they are skilled (this is just a tiny factor), no they are winning MAINLY because they use poker software. Playing with internet texas holdem tools and online calculators just gives you the option to play perfectly. Sharks use poker software to compute innumerable percentages (odds, outs, winning chances, expected value etc.), to show hand strength and to receive playing advice. They use online poker software to call up hundreds of statistics on any individual poker player they play against (even if they have never played against them before). They use tools to identify all tables in the lobby and indicate the strength/weakness of each table so they can preselect tables before playing at all. And they use free poker software to track their own play to find leaks and make improvements in their own game.

The difference between using these highly unknown poker tools and not using them (not knowing they exist) is what creates the real gap between winning online poker players and losing suckers. Yes, pure skills and experience matter too, but certainly not as much as the best quality poker software does.



The Online Poker Tools and Poker Calculators we are about to present:


1.    tell you exactly which table is the most juicy to play at (containing the most losing players) and the worst to sit at (containing the most sharks)
2.    give you 100 stats on every opponent you play against, even if you have never played against the opponent
3.    track and store data from over 1.000.000 online poker players
4.    calculate all outs, pot odds, probabilities, winning chances and other percentages, give you instant hand strength and playing advice based on positional and previous mathematical factors
5.    track your own play and give you more than 1000 handy stats about your own game in order for you to find leaks in your own game and improve yourself
6.    preselect tournaments: before you start playing a sit and go, know exactly how many pro’s, average and losing players are going to play against you. Know their exact winning/losing record and at which stakes they usually play to identify strength and weakness at your featured table(s).
7.    give you instant live sit and go playing advice as if a pro is sitting next to you telling you what to do

Poker Tools are a must because they do most of the work you would normally have to do yourself FOR you. Imagine if you had to calculate everything yourself, if you had to keep track of your opponents and try to read them yourself. Not only will that cost you lots of energy, it is also true that your brain is less trustworthy than a computer’s.

And come to think of it, rational thinking by yourself sometimes becomes influenced or, better said, interrupted by emotions (tilting, stress, boredom) which is very bad for your play. Playing with internet poker software gives you the certainty of making the right decisions. Even if you got a bad beat, all you do is keep following the advice given by the free poker software and online texas holdem calculators, and you’ll know you’re going to win in the long run.

You can imagine that, with poker tracking and stalking tools doing this crazy (to say the least) stuff for you, the people you play against at any table are no match for you. I mean you have so many computer software programs at your disposal, that give you advice with 100% accuracy, it’s just becoming an unfair advantage.


Think not only about the possibilities of winning more money with software programs, but also about the money you will save because of them. The fact alone that you will never have to play against winning players anymore, makes the games you play 200% easier to beat.


I could go on and on about the advantages deriving from digital poker software like these. It might be better to just analyze them 1 by 1 for now and give you the links to purchase them. Although, purchasing is often not even necessary. 5 out of 6 of the poker software tools promoted here are free at first (and by ‘free at first’ I don’t mean some sort of 3 day trial, no I mean free for 3 months, or a whole year!)


We sincerely hope you now understand why it is so important to play with pot odds tools and advanced poker software. We continue to be the number 1 source for bringing you the best poker software programs unbiased.



What our visitors said


I loved reading the explanations and find out about all the sophisticated poker calculator and software programs on this page. I ve never seen such poker software in my whole life. I used to calculate all my odds and study my opponents myself but with some of the poker software presented out here this is just history. I agree with the that modern poker is all about adjusting your game to what poker software present you: the options, possibilities and potential are indeed beyond expectation and imagination. With software such as poker and lobby edge, winning at online poker is just very easy now, and the same goes for most of the other poker software out here. Thanks for all the research guys, it certainly helped me evolve my poker game!

Inga Mortenssen
Aalborg, Denmark



Unbelievable whats written out here. Could not believe my eyes when scrolling down this page: i used to play online poker exactly the same way as I would play it with my friends. But with the poker software at your disposal here, Im totally going to change my online poker sessions. First of all, I ll select all my tables i play at on strength using Lobby Edge, after that I ll instantly receive all the stats with Poker Edge and attach my favourite calculator Calculatem Pro. This way I play 90% correct poker, something actually is almost impossible, but with the poker software listed here you’ll come very close to that figure!

Jan Verheyen
Liege, Belgium



I am an online tournament poker player and this page helped me to pinpoint me on the most futuristic available online tournament poker software. Quality tournament poker software programs are very rare so I was really happy to find the three best tournament poker software out here. I even use them all three. Sit and Go Shark is a great advice engine that I started to use when I began playing tournaments. It taught me how to play, how to make careful decisions and how to play logically. After I became a pro in poker tournaments, this program wasn’t useful anymore and I purchased Tournament Indicator and Poker Prophecy. I use tournament indicator for it’s precise calculations, it’s live tracking abilities, it’s mzone feature and the draw percentages. Poker Prophecy is my buddy when it comes to preselecting sit and go’s on Party Poker and searching opponent statistics. I am terribly happy to have found these pieces of poker software on

Ismail Alejnaro
Compostella, Spain


If looking for an easy to use Calculator, we recommend the use of PokerStars




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