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General Tips and Guidelines for setting up a proper free poker bankroll and for protecting that bankroll (preventing yourself from going broke!)



** Try to keep a record of your winnings, losses, poker bankroll growth, monthly income, bonus income, rake payings etc. You can do this yourself in microsoft excel but it is far easier to let a good poker software program do the work for you. We recommend Poker Tracker, Poker Office and Poker Evolver for poker bankroll management and poker money management purposes.


** One of the key factors and a real online poker bankroll boost is to play at a level you feel comfortable with, at all times. Do not play above your limit but stick to your own level. Develop a poker bankroll management plan. Just write down when you want to move up a level or go down a level (which is not a sin, sometimes it’s an awfully good move – don’t let your ego say no). Never think, hey I am experience a good swing, it won’t hurt my bankroll to move up a few limits, I’m winning anyway today. That’s illogical thinking and many players ‘playing’ with their poker bankrolls in this way have gone broke.


**Secure and protect your poker bankroll. When you haven’t been able to extract much winnings at the poker table, cash out some money if you know you will seek high stakes tables after a bad beat. Knowing yourself is an extremely good asset. Don’t blow your poker bankroll away for the sake of  ‘earning back the money you should have won’ because that’s pure action-seeking and gambling instead of playing professional, disciplined poker. Accept your losses, don’t do crazy things. Think of the time and effort you put into building your online poker bankroll. It would be shame to blow all of that away just in a couple of minutes of fury, wouldn’t it?

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** Maximize your winnings and minimize your losses: To Maximize your online poker profits and to minimize your online poker losses in a perfect manner is one of the most important assets for growing an online poker bankroll. You do this of course by playing at limits you feel comfortable with, but also by picking soft tables to avoid online poker sharks and to chase online poker fishes. Most of all, consistently betting the right amounts when you’ve got your opponent beat increases your poker bankroll even more: if you continuously bet slightly less than the player who has to call the bet would have called this will cripple your winnings and become a downer for your poker bankroll.


However, it is very hard to estimate how much you should bet into a player every time. It is a tough job to figure out the exact amount which would just be enough for your opponent to call instead of fold but at the same time let him make a mistake and get maximum value out of your hand. The only way of consistently making the right bet sizes and thus increasing your online bankroll this way in the long run is to have a good read on your opponent (what kind of player is he?) and his holdings (on which range of hands am I putting him?). By taking into account these two questions you should be able to make an estimated perfect bet amount. For example, you know your opponent is a bit tilting and you put him on an averagely good hand. Luckily you hold the nuts and you are thinking how much to bet on the river. The book would say to make a value bet. However, because your opponent is tilting and (he is blowing his bankroll away in the last couple of hours) you should ask yourself the question: does it matter how much I bet here or will he call just about anything?


The point of this example and the point of maximizing your poker winnings is that when you try to figure out the right bet sizes this may develop a huge difference in your poker bankroll growth.

The same goes, and this is even more important, for minimizing your poker bankroll losses. Tilt and boredom (emotions in poker) can be very destructive for a poker player. Sometimes a good fold is more important than a big win. When you have the discipline to lay down aces when you have the feeling you are beat you’re a far better player than when you are only able to bet when you are winning. It is the players that minimize their losses who become the professionals.  


** This brings us to the following tip: Please keep in mind that poker is a game of skill but that luck also plays a role. Sometimes the cards run well for a week and after that you experience a bad streak for 2 months. Although skill is the bigger factor when it comes to online poker winnings and losses, luck does play a role. You have to accept that in poker an hourly rate or monthly salary actually does not exist. These are just sayings but do not point to the truth. Of course you can calculate your average monthly winnings or your hourly ‘salary’ but the evolution of your poker bankrolls shows a line of ups and downs because you cannot win every hour or every day. Sometimes you will experience a whole week of losses. You have to face this, accept it and control it. What matters most, is your winnings minus losses at the end of the year and your poker bankroll growth in the long term.


** Please, don’t play any turbo games or jackpot games (specific cash games are jackpot games or turbo games to respectively increase rake and give you a tiny chance to hit a jackpot hand or to speed up the poker game in the latter case). Turbo and jackpot poker cash games on the internet might be fun and entertaining, but in the long term, playing turbo games may decrease your bankroll due to the lesser time you have to make good decisions whilst jackpot tables lower your poker bankroll as you pay a higher sum of rake.



** Never stop playing with poker bonuses. And if you can, get some poker rakeback. This keeps your poker bankroll groing and it will give you the feeling you are still treating yourself on a free poker bankroll, which is just a lovely concept. If you play lots of online poker, why not play for poker bonuses and rakeback at the same time? A little more extra money never hurts your poker bankroll, right?

We hope these tips and guidelines will help you grow your online poker bankroll. In the meantime, we will remain your unbiased number one source for free poker bankroll information and poker bankroll bonuses and free poker cash promotions. For advanced poker bankroll management strategy stay tuned at





I was most happy to find this page. It has valuable tips for setting up and containing a good poker bankroll, and their free poker bonuses surely add to this expertise. I first started out to read the poker bankroll tips and strategies and then began with the pokerroomschool free 130 bonus. After a couple of weeks enjoyable play at CD Poker I cashed out $200 and went for the VC Poker and Pitbull Poker $35 free. I had a bad week and only cashed ou $50. My poker bankroll was $250 now and I immediately deposited this mony at William Hill Poker where I received 25 pounds (50 dollar) free after 5 hours of play. I cashed out $200, leaving $150 there because this is a monthly recurring free bonus and I wanted to take advantage those next months as well. With the $200 I began playing at TowerGaming. I had to go back to 0.25/0.50, buyin in short-staked. This went well and I was able to clear the whole bonus (200 dollar + another 200 dollar) + a nice self made profit of $250. My poker bankroll was no around $850 and I still had $150 at William Hill, meaning I had built a free poker bankroll of $1000 already in just one month! My last step was to play at Pacific Poker. I deposited $400 as advised, got $120 free and am now playing a couple of hours a day 1/2 no limit there. Im doing pretty well there. Im also still clearing the monthly william hill poker bonuses, so I had two poker bankrolls at my disposal. This allows me to play safe. I really enjoy playing poker and wanted to thank the guys of this website for allowing me to play risk-free-poker by building up a free poker bankroll.

Gabriel Luminescu
Bucharest, Romania

The no deposit bonuses and upfront bonuses that are listed here, and that allow you to build your own free poker bankroll, are really a great way to start your poker career, or to make a fresh start when you have taken a break or if you went broke. This happened to me and I had to build up my bankroll all over again. This time, I read the strategies outlined on this page here first and took advantage of the free poker bankroll bonuses listed above. This allowed me to build up my poker bankroll with zero risk, and to play more consciously.

Dario Ultani
Turin, Italy


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